Weapons in Furvilla are used by warriors to defend villagers from monster attacks. Beginner weapons can be purchased in each village's equipment shop, but higher level weapons can only be obtained through Blacksmiths.

For information on combat and combat mechanics, please visit the warrior page.


All equipped weapons are subject to durability loss if used. Crafted weapons will have different max durability depending on the blacksmith who made it. All weapons can be repaired by a blacksmith, unless their durability falls below 1. If a weapon's durability reaches 0, the item breaks completely and is destroyed.

Beginner Weapons

Beginner weapons are the first tier of weapons. Beginner weapons items are common, and can be purchased in their respective village's Armory.

Image Name Village Element Acquisition DMG Wins


664-dragon-tooth-knife Dragon Tooth
Quetzal Palace Light Heaven's Warriors
Furcoins 75
+0 None
666-fang-club Fang Club Dragon's Maw
Dark Haunted Weaponry
Furcoins 75
+0 None
662-barnacle-sword Barnacle Sword Oceandome Balance Aquatic Assailants
Furcoins 75
+0 None
668-wooden-sword Wooden Sword Olde Foxbury Balance Medieval Armory
Furcoins 75
+0 None
670-icy-sword Icy Sword Tiger Eye Peak Balance Frozen Armaments
Furcoins 75
+0 None

Fine Weapons

Fine weapons are the second tier of weapons. Fine weapons are rare and can only be obtained from Blacksmiths.

Image Name Village Element DMG Wins Required
140-dragon-claw-knife Dragon Claw Knife Quetzal Palace Light +50 25
220-monster-tooth-knife Monster Tooth Knife Dragon's Maw
Dark +50 5
100-shark-tooth-spear Shark Tooth Spear Oceandome Balance +10 5
178-steel-sword Steel Sword Olde Foxbury Balance +10 None
260-tusk-sword Tusk Sword Tigereye Peak Balance +50 10

Greater Weapons

Greater weapons are the third tier of weapons. Greater weapons are super rare and can only be obtained from Blacksmiths.

Image Name Village Element DMG Wins Required
138-dragon-tail-sword Dragon Tail Sword Quetzal Palace Light +75 25
218-monster-claw-axe Monster Claw Axe Dragon's Maw
Dark +75 5
98-narwhal-spear Narwhal Spear Oceandome Balance +45 10
180-elaborate-sword Elaborate Sword Olde Foxbury Balance +45 10
258-mammoth-tooth-hammer Mammoth Tooth Hammer Tiger Eye Peak Balance +75 10

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