Villages are one of five themed locations that players can choose from when they initially join. Each location has unique shops and items, and many of these items are not interchangeable between villages. This makes the choice of village particularly important, as well as creating micro-economies between each village's players.

More information on each village, including their shops and the items their inhabitants can craft, can be found on their individual pages:

Changing Villages

It is possible to change villages by accessing User Settings. You can move villages twice per month for 25000 FC. Village moves regenerate on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Village Pictures


  • There are at least two villages planned to be added in the future.[1] They are likely to be radiation/zombie themed[2] and futuristic themed[3] as those are the two unused sets of monsters that AugustinasRaginskis, Furvilla's monster artist, was commissioned to create.
  • During development, Tigereye Peak and Dragonsmaw Manor were called "Tiger Eye Peak" and "Dragon's Maw Manor" respectively, but they were changed for release. The towns' images have yet to be updated to show this. [4]



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