The Spooky Costume is one of three Costumes from Dragonsmaw Manor. It can be created by Tailors who know the Spooky Pattern Book.


"Bitey tails and nippy stomachs and spiders galore!"[1]

The Spooky Costume gives the wearer black fur or scales, striped clothes, a loosely stitched scarf with grinning teeth on it, a black hoodie with teeth stitched along the brim, and a gaping, toothy mouth on the wearer's stomach, sometimes with a brightly colored tongue sticking out. The entire costume is covered in swirling patterns and cobwebs.

Spooky Wolves, Foxes, and Cats also have a mouth at the end of their tail.

Bonus Stats

The Spooky Costume bestows the following bonuses:


The Spooky Costume is available for the following species:


This item takes 90 minutes to create.


  • The Spooky Costume villagers were originally referred to as "the Halloweenies"[1]




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