The Royal Costume is one of three Costumes from Olde Foxbury. It can be created by Tailors who know the Royal Pattern Book. As of 1 June 2017, the Royal Gembound artwork been released.


The Royal Costume gives the wearer a crown, cape, and fancy outfit loosely based on Medieval European royal fashion. Its default color scheme typically involves rich, vibrant hues, and the fabric items are decorated with what appears to be ermine fur linings.

Bonus Stats

The Royal Costume bestows the following bonuses:

  • Warrior: +5% battle charges
  • Crafter: +5% crafting speed

Bonuses appear on a villager's page beneath Species and Color information. [1]


Currently the Royal Costume art is only available for the following species:


It takes 90 minutes to create a Royal Costume.



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