The Fox is one of the default species available upon villager creation. Its appearance reflects that of several vulpine species, with lineart changes for the red fox, arctic fox, bat eared fox, and the fennec fox.
Basic fox red

The fox has 12 different colors. The first three can be used upon villager creation, but the rest have to have a potion or correct color plush to be applied.

The fox can use all 15 costumes.


  • The fox was one of the four original species planned for the release of Furvilla, along with the cat, the dragon, and the wolf. The rabbit and horse were not added until later in development.
  • The original design for the fox's default model featured a sly expression, with a coyly raised eyebrow and its hands positioned in a "scheming" pose. The sketch was later changed for the purpose of "leaving room for the player to develop their villager's character". The new sketch, which is the basis for the fox's default model today, gave the fox bigger, more benign eyes and shorter plantigrade legs, as opposed to the original long digitigrade legs. [1]
  • On August 15 2016, the Culpeo Fox was added.

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