Durability is a mechanic used for structures, weapons, and armor on FurVilla. In the case of each type of item, durability works slightly differently, though in all cases it can be repaired. Some of these items disappear when reaching 0 durability, but others stay and become unusable until repaired.



Houses, Animal Stables, and Herbalist Pots are classified as structures and have a durability value based on the skill level of the Construction Worker who made them. Structures lose 1 durability each day, which can be repaired by either your own construction worker or by another player's at the Maintenance Market.

When a house reaches 0 durability, the Villager inside will remain but wont be able to work until the house is repaired. If an animal stable reaches 0 durability the Animal inside will run away and won't come back. If a herbalist pot reaches 0 durability it will be destroyed.

Repairing Structures

To repair herbalist pots or animal stables, you'll need your construction worker as your active villager. Once they're active a repair option will appear under the drop menu when you click on the individual pots and stables in the career pages. Alternatively, you can remove them from your career page and repair them from your inventory.


To repair a house, make sure to make your construction worker your active villager. Afterwards go to your villager's profile page, a repair button will show up under their Villager Info.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and armor lose durability each time they're used in combat. For weapons this means each time you attack they lose 1 durability. Armor only loses 1 durability if your Warrior takes damage. They must be unequipped to be repaired by your Blacksmith or by other players in the Maintenance Market.

During the new Warrior update, durability was later removed and the weapons became Legacy weapons. They can be converted to the newer versions. Having a durability above 1000% of its max durability and converting it will grant you the Durability Star trophy.