Construction Worker is a career you can assign to your villager. Construction Workers use various types of wood in order to construct various objects. Note that Construction workers, unlike many other careers, do not require solely the wood from their home village in order to make their items. Any type of wood from any village is usable.

Construction workers start off with a skill of 50 and the knowledge of how to make all the items of their career - there's no need to buy blueprints or recipes. They gain skill points for crafting items, and their total skill points are equal to the end durability of the item they're making. They currently have a maximum skill level of 500.

The skill level of the construction worker also affects their repair time, with each skill point reducing repair times to a minimum of 1 minute per durability point.[1] Besides helping to repair their own items, a construction worker can sell their services to repair items on the Maintenance Market at whatever price they choose.

The following costumes give a +5% crafting & repairs speed bonus when applied to a villager of the Construction Worker career:

Constructable Items

Item Wood Time Skill Points


Herbalist Pot 10 60 minutes 1
Animal Stable 25 120 minutes 3
House 150 360 minutes 5


  1. Added July 18th, 2016. "Construction Worker and Blacksmith repair times are now improved by villager skill level, to a minimum of 1 minute per durability point for Construction Workers, or 0.2 minutes per durability point for Blacksmiths."

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