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Blacksmith is a career you can assign to your villager. In this job, you can use schemas to create weapons and armor for your own villagers or to sell to other villagers. Blacksmiths can also repair armor and weapons to refill their durability.

"This is an artisan career and cannot begin work without materials from Explorers, Herbalists, and Crafters."

The following costumes give +5% crafting speed bonus when applied to a villager of the Blacksmith career:


Blacksmiths can craft weapons and armor for Warriors using recipes learned from schemas. Blacksmiths start with no learned recipes, but can learn any recipe from any village, so long as they purchase the schema.[1]


Blacksmiths can repair weapons and armor with low durability using steel, which is found through exploration or purchased from the local battle shop for Furcoins 15. The time it takes to repair an item depends on the item being repaired, and the skill of the blacksmith, which reduces the time by 0.2 minutes per durability point.[2] They can sell their services to other villagers using the Maintenance Market.


  1. Changed July 6th, 2016 from only being able to learn their own village's schemas -
  2. Changed July 18th, 2016. "Construction Worker and Blacksmith repair times are now improved by villager skill level, to a minimum of 1 minute per durability point for Construction Workers, or 0.2 minutes per durability point for Blacksmiths."

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